Quality has a complex meaning, consisting of the quality of finished products, the management quality, the quality of deliveries and works.


Quality management consists of coordinated and interrelated management activities, ensuring uninterrupted faultless operation of the company.

Quality management in a company means that all activities are directed towards achieving the quality targets set. For that, the company has developed a system of plans, allocates the necessary resources, and performs the activities for achieving the targets.


Quality management consists of four main parts:

  • quality inspection

  • quality assurance

  • quality planning

  • quality improvement

Quality inspection means activities for assessing the inspected object’s conformity to requirements set. Assessment can include measurements, tests, observations, monitoring, verification, calibration and other measures resulting in a comparison of the inspected qualities to the required values.

Quality assurance consists of systematic (regular) activities enabling to fulfil the requirements. It includes activities related to production, management, procurements, technical maintenance etc.

Quality planning means activities for determining the object’s required qualities and their target values. In quality management, this is called setting quality targets. Quality planning also includes determination of processes and resources needed to achieve the targets set.

Quality improvement consists of activities for improving the company’s ability to fulfil the requirements set for the object. The object in quality management’s meaning is production, processes, management system, and the company as a whole.

Our company has implemented the following quality management systems:

ISO 9001

ISO 3834-2

EN 1090-2


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